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  • Is your Business Growing?

    Great news! Business is booming and revenues are increasing and you are recruiting more staff, but where are you going to put them?
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    Looking to save money on your Real Estate?

    Are you looking to save money by reducing your office space? Are you downsizing and feel there should be an opportunity to reduce your real estate costs?
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    Moving Offices?

    Are you moving to a new office and want to make the most of the opportunity? We can help you make this a positive experience for your staff and make the best possible use of the investment in the new office space.
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    Is a change of culture required?

    Business is ticking over but are you getting enough out of your assets, are your staff as productive as they could be and are you making the best use of your real estate?
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    How can Advanced Workplace Associates help you?

    Make an enquiry as to how we can assist you with growth, utilisation, productivity and more.

    Strategic Support

    We work with you on your workplace optimisation using our experience, science, political savvy and technical skill to develop the best strategies and processes to bring about change
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    Evidence Based Design

    We use science and creativity to design effective workplace experiences with optimum workplace utilisation
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    Change Management

    We design and deliver multi-disciplinary change management processes using our unique change management theory to make a lasting difference to your business
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    Research and Development

    Through our R & D programmes we bring you the latest workplace thinking to support leaders through organisation and workplace change
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    AWA - Advanced Workplace Associates

    Workplace consultants who provide agile working, workplace utilisation, optimisation and change management services.

    Our clients

    We work with innovative organisations of all sizes

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    Case Studies

    Some of the stories from the companies we have worked with



    Direct Line were seeking to consolidate their UK property portfolio and refresh the workplace to support its emerging culture. AWA undertook a series of studies and engagements for them
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