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  • Andrew Mawson


    Clare Danahay

    Associate – Design

    Toby Smith

    Associate – Analysis

    Karen Plum

    Director of Research and Development

    Helen Guest

    Senior Associate

    David Sterry

    Director of Strategic Relationships

    Claire Arnold

    Director of Consulting

    Tracy Short

    Associate – Analysis

    Tony Ecuyer

    Director of Operations

    Colombine Gardair

    Senior Associate

    Marjorie Raymond

    Senior Associate

    Ann Donovan

    Practice Manager

    Steve Dale

    Senior Associate

    Graham Jervis

    Director of Service Management

    Chris Hood

    Director of Consulting, US

    Fran Ferone

    Senior Associate (New York)

    Susan Thomas

    Senior Associate (Chicago)

    Kathy Tilney

    Senior Associate - Design

    Florence Lewis

    Financial Controller
    Advanced Workplace Associates