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    OUR NEXT WORKPLACE PIN TRANSITION WORKSHOP: Big data, analytics, benchmarking and skills for managing the workplace

    Technology suppliers are aggressively marketing products and services that are generating huge amounts of data about the performance of the workplace – many with attractive ‘dashboards’ and graphical presentations. But many are questioning the value of these tools and the benefits they deliver.

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    Designing Workplace Experiences

    In 2016, AWA started working on a two-year research programme with support services and construction company Interserve – to define, understand and apply the science behind designing effective workplace experiences.

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    2020 Visions Highlights

    A brief summary of the highlights of the AWA 2020 visions programme. Showing some insightful views of the world and the workplace in 2020 and beyond.

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    5 Common Mistakes Organizations Make When Introducing Agile Working

    People have been implementing agile working for years. There are lots of good examples, but probably even more where agile working has failed to achieve its potential. So what are people typically doing wrong?

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