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    Its what you say and the way you say it! A workplace behaviour change towards a more agile way of working can be difficult and strenuous without proper transition planning. It takes more than big ideas and big data to get your workplace culture to the its optimum level.

    To accomplish a successful cultural and behavioural change in your workplace, Advanced Workplace Associates must work with your organisations communications team, project team and business leaders. The process includes jointly agreeing on communications messaging, tone, content and timing. Using a carefully selected network of Leaders, Champions and ‘Super-users’, we’ll educate your people from within and get your people involved in their own change. We’ll go on to train your leaders and people in new techniques for managing the modern agile workforce too.

    All this will bring about a behavioural transition which will be embedded across your organisation for the long term.

    In order to implement a successful workplace behaviour change, it is essetential your workplace strategy is thorough. For more advice, contact an Advanced Workplace Associates workplace management consultant on +44 207 743 7110  or email info@advanced-workplace.com with your enquiry.

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