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    Getting a handle on how organisations use their workplaces is pretty critical in understanding the possible options for work arrangements and planning the right mix of workplaces for the future. We use a variety of methods to monitor how workplace assets (desks, offices, meeting rooms, filing and social spaces) are really being used.

    We undertake workplace utilisation studies, presenting our findings, using our unique ‘3D White space’ techniques to highlight the areas and extent of under-utilisation and identify the potential for more effective use of your workplace assets.


    advanced workplace utilisation study results


    For operational monitoring on an ongoing basis we provide a range of electronic mechanisms for monitoring the use of the workplace in real time. Utilising our IP based system and sensors we are able to integrate all data about the true use of desks, meeting spaces and collaborative spaces.

    Over the past 20+ years AWA has carried out numerous Workplace Utilisation studies. We have pulled together a report which aggregates a lot of data over a long period, and gives some insight in to the way people have been using their office space and how new ways of working can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of office space.

    You can download the report by filling in the form below, or read more about our workplace utilisation monitoring service.


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