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    magic-stickOur Explorer Groups are professionally facilitated groups designed for leaders who want to be on the leading edge of workplace thinking.  Each group provides members with new tools, science and knowledge to make a dramatic difference to the performance of their organisations.

    These groups are run in partnership with The Centre for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa), to search for the best available evidence from scientific research on key questions of relevance to members. Together we and CEBMa translate research findings into useful information, practical guidelines and tools to be taken away and applied in the workplace. Members also have access to controlled trials which apply the tools and guidance in the workplace and the impact is monitored and shared within the Group.


    BrainpowerIn the world of knowledge work we need to re-think the way we manage people, work and the workplace to get the most out of every person on the payroll.

    We’ll be examining three topics to gain a better understanding of how our brains work and what they need to excel.

    The topics are:

    Explorer Group 1:  Increasing Organisational Brainpower: Concentration, memory, accuracy, problem solving and decision making – are all critical to effective knowledge worker performance. How can we manage the workplace to improve ‘Cognitive Performance’ or  ‘Brain Power’? What are the key factors that make a difference to ‘Brain Power’? How do air quality, hydration, nutrition, sleep, rest, physical fitness, posture, working position (sitting / standing / movement), workplace design and other factors impact the power of the brain?

    We started work on this topic in June 2015 – for details about the programme and sponsors, click here. This research has now been completed and we are talking with organisations interested in trialing the guidance and learning more about how best to implement the advice that came from the research.

    Brain Overload and Workload Management: One of the biggest causes of poor performance and stress in knowledge organisations is ‘brain overload’. We ask how the brain handles multiple demands? Does it have a finite capacity? What happens when it reaches overload? We’ll aim to establish techniques to identify and manage the ‘capacity’ of the knowledge workforce.

    This topic will start during the Spring of 2016. For details, click here or contact Karen Plum – details below.

    Brain Stops Change: it’s clear that many change initiatives fail – people settle into ingrained patterns of behaviour which are extremely challenging to change. We look for answers within the brain itself (at a neurological level) to understand how it works and find new ways to deliver enduring change initiatives at scale.

    For more details, please download our prospectus:
    2015-2016 PIN Explorer Group Brain Prospectus 120515

    And our flyer which explains why our research is different and provides some example outputs: Explorer-groups

    To get involved, or for more information, please contact Karen Plum


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