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    The PIN Transition group is for leaders who want to change the world of work to optimise the performance of their workplaces

    Great workplace management is all about providing workplaces that consciously support people in delivering their peak performance every day whilst at the same time maximizing the use of the workplace as an asset. That’s workplace optimization.

    The PIN Transition Group is an ‘occupier only’ group for leaders and their teams who want to optimize the performance of the workplace and deliver maximum value to their respective organisations.

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    The group provides:

    • A Benchmarking Framework to help you measure effectiveness of your workplaces from a productivity and asset effectiveness standpoint
    • A tried and tested Transition Framework and assessment tools to help you understand where you are against best practice in the journey to the optimum workplace.
    • Six structured workshops, providing case studies, tools, methodologies, research and expert insights to support teams in their endeavor to maximize their contribution to their organisations.


    This year’s programme topics:

    • Using the workplace to drive up organisational performance whilst achieving real estate asset efficiency
    • Deploying workplace management technologies
    • Using research to underpin workplace delivery
    • Reflecting the organisation’s personality in the workplace
    • Evolving the workplace management organisation

    Members have the opportunity to exchange information and explore ways of meeting shared challenges, taking away new understandings, tools and processes that can be used in their own organisations.


    What members say about the PIN:

    “The case studies are gold – we learn so much from other companies experiences.”

    “Because the sessions are confidential, we hear things we’d never know otherwise!”

    “The PIN sessions are a great way to share experiences of implementing new ways of working – they provide the opportunity to discuss common pitfalls but also best practice.”


    View our 2016 Workshops

    For full details on all of 2016’s Transition Group events you can download our:

    Workplace Transition PIN 2016 flyer and summary of the group Transition- group


    Details of our 2017 Programme will be available shortly – please check back soon.


    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Transition Group call us now on 020 7743 7110 or email the group leader Karen Plum at kplum@advanced-workplace.com

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