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    ABW (Activity Based Working) is a term being used in the US, South America and Asia to describe a way of working in which people are provided with mobile technology that allows them the freedom to work in different places depending upon the tasks they perform. In the UK many people refer to this as agile working.

    The benefits of ABW are several fold. First it allows people to choose the right place best suited to their task, so for example if they are needing to concentrate on detailed tasks with a great deal of focus they may need and environment that both bright and free of visual or audible distractions.  If they are working informally with a couple of other without causing others distraction then they may require a more conventional meeting space with a screen on the wall and a network connection.

    The second benefit of ABW is that it enables space to be used more intensively and efficiently allowing many more people to be based at an building than in a traditional model where people ‘own’ their own desk, (which creates huge inefficiencies leading to desks and meeting spaces often being utilised less than 50% of the time they are available.)

    The third benefit is people can work with the people they need to wherever they need to and of course that means teams and form re-group and re-shape in minutes.

    At AWA we undertake studies to help clarify the feasibility and benefits of applying ABW and then go on to help our clients deliver a multi-faceted change programme involving space, technology, behaviour and culture…

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