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  • Agile Working and Knowledge Working

    For us agile working is a spectrum of working and workplace arrangements that help people to make intelligent choices about where and when they work enhancing workplace optimisation, improving professional productivity and providing an environment for rapid change.

    Building on our Workplace PIN research studies covering Knowledge Worker Productivity, managing the agile workforce and The Kinetic Organisation we support organisations through the journey to the agile organisation.

    Our start point is to work with our client through an evidence based exploration process to clarify their vision, drivers, translating into solutions and arrangements and setting out the journey plan for change.

    Then we work manage multi-disciplined programmes to bring about technical and behavioural change

    We are especially experienced in managing behavioural transition programmes to prepare everyone for a change in workstyles and behaviours

    And it’s not all over when the Project Team has disbanded, for us it’s only the beginning. That’s why we provide Change Maintenance and Workplace Management support  to make sure our clients are fully equipped with the right structures, MI, processes, policies and support to manage the agile workplace.

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