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    Do we go? Do we stay? Office relocation may or may not be the answer. If it is, make the office move count!

    Office relocation services are usually required when organisations either need to adjust to their growth, need to reduce real estate expenses or their office lease is expiring. Unfortunately, the cost of moving is not cheap! Before moving office, It is important to get your real estate venture right by planning ahead with a workplace consultant firm such as Advanced Workplace Associates.

    We work as trusted independent advisers in the decision process, providing data, advice and experience for your office relocation project. We support the implementation of the chosen option to maximise the business opportunity that follows. And of course, relocation or refurbishment projects provide a rare moment when leaders can focus on modernisation and cultural transformation.

    In recent projects we have provided support to business leaders in shaping their thinking about the future. These thoughts include aspects such as culture, technology, cost and human performance. AWA help to plan and design the desired business culture and additional, help the client work out how space and technology can be orientated to enable transformation of mood and practices. 

    Advanced Workplace Associates have enabled the realisation of value from existing assets, chosen locations and buildings. Commonly, our workplace utilisation studies find that only 60% of the office is ever being utilised at once. Furthermore, a transition to a more agile culture may solve many issues and concerns.

    If office relocation services are what you need, AWA are experienced in designing office relocation programmes. We also manage the workplace behaviour change that goes along with the office move. Moving office is a key opportunity for an entire workplace transformation, although this will need extensive change management guidance.

    Please contact Advanced Workplace Associates if you’re looking for office relocation services, planning an office move or if you want to assess your current real estate for a potential workplace transition.

    You can call a workplace consultant on +44 207 743 7110. Alternatively you can send an enquiry to info@advanced-workplace.com.


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