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The Working AWAy programme
Over the last 28 years we at AWA have operated a home based model of working with our Associates over the world, undertaken scientific research into ‘Managing the agile organisation’ with our friends at The Centre for Evidence Based Management, developed training and advised clients on working at home.

As our contribution to keeping organisations working, we’ve packaged together a series of free workshops and made available our research and insights as part of our ‘Working AWAy’ program in the hope that it helps during these challenging times.
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Changing the World of Work

With a blend of science, creativity and cultural change we support you in transforming your workplace to deliver your organisational objectives.

Our Workplace Science

We pride ourselves on taking a scientific and evidence based approach to everything we do.

The findings have been time-tested and now recognised internationally as a leading resource for organisational and workplace professionals.

All our research has been undertaken in partnership with The Centre of Evidence Based Management.

International Capability

The AWA team is at the forefront of workplace innovation and industry best practice.

We deliver innovative workplace services across the globe.

Main Office: London

Main Office: New York

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