3 Healthy Workplace Tips for Leaders

Business leaders are majority of the time (if not always) under incredible pressure and stress. When there are deadlines to meet and people to please it becomes difficult to keep on top of your health and well-being. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) have done the research and are happy to present you with three healthy workplace habits to enable you to be the leader you need to be. Even more so, these tips will help empower your office and the employees around the workplace.

Workplace Productivity: 3 Healthy Workplace Tips for Leaders

Here are some of our Health and Well-being Tips for Workplace Leaders

1. Standing Desks

Knowledge workers are people who think for a living. Unfortunately, these people are commonly found sitting down behind a computer for the entire work week, a reality that is less than ideal for a healthy workplace. Little do business leaders know, but this fact is detrimental to employee productivity. It is scientifically proven that by standing, more blood flows through the body – enabling a more brain stimulation and activity. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) have advised the installation of sit-stand desks for clients around the world, and all post-transformation surveys have reflected that employees love them! Not only do they feel more vitalised but they are working harder.

2. Move Around the Office

Don’t sit in your lonely office cubicle all day and expect to be stimulated. Get up and move! It is important to break out of your shell and enjoy what the office has to offer. That includes the opportunity for social cohesion, employee collaboration and alternate workspaces. Advanced Workplace Associates recommends the use of the “free address”, which is an agile working style that allows employees to work from any desk or area they choose each day. This not only encourages professional networking but also provides the opportunity for worker collaboration and knowledge sharing. Furthermore, by encouraging employees to move around more, it will create an organisational culture that will enhance happiness, health and productivity.

3. Create a Healthy Workplace

This is a cliché piece of advice – but it is also the most accurate and effective. Eating healthy can actually boost you and your employee’s workplace productivity levels. Harvard Business Review highlighted that drops in your blood sugar throughout the working day can actually be bad for the brain. As a business leader it is important to supply your workforce with the tools needed for them to perform their best. It is as simple as installing a café or break out area that meet the health and well-being requirements. Don’t allow vending machines in your healthy workplace, they are typically filled with junk food that does nothing for the brain. Instead, improve worker productivity and feed their brains with nutrients and goodness. The workplace should be designed to enhance performance, not hinder it.

Workplace health and well-being should be a part of the workplace design and transformation rather than a thought down the track. If you’re a business leader looking to make a change, or an employee that needs to see one, then get in contact with workplace strategy consultant by calling +44 207 743 7110 or by emailing info@advanced-workplace.com

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