3 Tips You Need to Know When Moving to a New Office

There comes a time when your organisation may need to pick up and move operations to a new workplace in a new location. It may be because your lease is expiring and you need to seek a new cost effective solution. Perhaps your real estate expenses are sucking you dry? Or maybe your office design and workspace is no longer meeting the demands of your growing or shrinking business. Advanced Workplace Associates offer office relocation services that will enable you to make the best decision for your organisation and its workplace performance – and you may be surprised that relocating may not even be the best solution.

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Office Relocation Tips


1. Making the office move count

The cost of moving can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive to the business. Depending upon why you are moving, it may be worth considering a transition to a more effective and new way of working. Many of AWA’s clients have used an office relocation as the trigger to look at the benefits of making a transition to an agile workplace. Not only do you get a new workplace, but a new and improved way of working! It’s important to use office relocations as an opportunity to increase the business value of your workspace environment.


2. Consider that moving office may not be the only solution

In our experience, many growing organisations think they need more space to accommodate increased headcount – and hence start to look for a bigger and better office design that will meet their growth agenda . However, organisations often don’t realise that there may be a better solution – which is to make better use of the space they already have. It is common for office desks to be used for only 40-60% of the time, while the need for other types of workspaces goes unfulfilled! AWA’s workplace utilisation studies can show business leaders how their space is really being used   – and highlight the potential for using the space differently. This can avoid the need to move at all – and potential save significant money otherwise spent on the office relocation journey. There have been countless time in which a transition to agile working has saved millions in real estate.


3. Improve human performance with your office design

Office design plays a huge part in the overall experience that people have at work. Whether you decide to stay or relocate, the last thing you want is to make your workforce less effective than they are today, so putting their needs at the heart of what you do is paramount. So often the people are the last aspect to be considered when thinking about office relocations and how the office will deliver to their needs. So in your deliberations, think about the experience you want people to have and design and deliver your office to deliver that experience. A people centric design can enhance productivity, the social cohesion within teams and enable a culture for greatness. It isn’t as simple as moving your office from a to b – it’s about getting it right for the people and bringing your organisation into the future.

Speak with an Advanced Workplace Associates workplace management consultant about your office relocation and your new workplace. You can get in contact by calling +44 207 743 7110 or by emailing info@advanced-workplace.com.

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