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    We are entirely independent, we make fees only from consultancy and have no other revenue streams that may influence the bias of our solutions. We act solely on behalf of the client to ensure they get the best workplace solutions for their respected organisations. We recognise that business change is constant and that maximising the performance of people in the workplace is critical.

    We don’t have any other axe to grind other than yours. We’re not only independent, we’re independent thinkers too!


    We’re very picky who we recruit into AWA. Only the best are retained and we insist that everyone has worked ‘client side’ regardless of which discipline they bring to our party. Our own multidisciplinary workplace allows us to maximise the effectiveness of our workplace strategy as well as service our clients with the utmost professionalism.


    We are workplace extremists, in the nicest possible way. What gets us out of bed every day is the excitement and satisfaction of helping clients achieve the workplaces, culture and organisations they dream of.

    Our team of associates are scattered all around the world that enables us to cater to clients on an international level. To find out more about AWA or to inquire about our workplace strategy services, please get in contact by emailing: info@advanced-workplace.com or by calling +44 207 743 7110.

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