Ai and Work Picture
EVENT 30 October 2024 AI Unleashed: Transforming work, culture, and the workplace
Join us as we explore the impact of AI on jobs, organisations, culture, and the…
Collaboration 376KN_ISplE
EVENT 14 November 2024 Webinar – Cohesion in Chaos: Strengthening collaboration across hybrid teams
Join us for this one-hour webinar with leaders sharing their insights on strategies for maintaining…
Real Estate Sean Pollock
EVENT 05 September 2024 Webinar – An evidence-based process for optimal Real Estate Decisions
Join us for this one-hour webinar with leaders sharing their insights on strategic real estate…
Dinner N_Y88TWmGwA
EVENT 06 June 2024 Leader’s dinner
Join senior leaders in discussions around specific themes in our 2024 leader's dinner
Neuroscience Pictures
EVENT 04 June 2024 Cognitive wellbeing and performance programme
This unique programme equips HR and workplace professionals with the neuroscience associated with work, leadership…
Workplace from Redd
EVENT 24 April 2024 Designing the Employee Workplace Experience 2.0: Employees as consumers
Join us as we uncover the strategies for designing engaging workplaces that empower your people.
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EVENT Study groups
Paying members can participate in collaborative research programmes to explore topics associated with the future…
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EVENT Certified online training
We provide certified training programmes to paying members of the Institute in order to support…
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EVENT Hybrid working health check
During a two-hour session we support teams to assess their organisation against 40 best practices…
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EVENT Workplace science reports
Exclusive access to our archive of reports as part of our partnership with The Center…
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EVENT The cognitive wellbeing and performance programme
A certified course giving attendees an understanding of the neuroscience of work.
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EVENT Knowledge exchange webinars
Our popular one-hour webinars feature expert guests and address an array of topics from the…
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