We recognise that business change is constant and that maximising the performance of people in the workplace is critical.

Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) - Changing the World of Work

Founded in 1992, AWA is a multi-disciplined and independent management consultancy that helps organisations make a step change in the performance of their people and workplaces.

AWA has delivered technologically and behaviourally complex projects to transform work, the workplace and workplace management for large and politically involved organisations. As leaders in workplace productivity and cognitive performance research, the workplace consultancy has evolved into a qualified team of associates that deliver scientifically based and supported advisory services to companies in all sectors and industries. This includes major banks and financial institutions, multinational corporations, government offices and more.

The AWA team is at the forefront of workplace innovation and industry best practice. We use agile working/activity based working (ABW) as the tool for change and empowerment for all our clients world wide. Collectively the team has implemented successful change management strategies across the United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU), Asia and the United States (US).

In addition to consulting services, AWA offer training for business leaders, commercial real estate professionals and operation managers. The Advanced Workplace Institute is a resource that provides boot camps, coaching and events for those wanting to make the change towards a more agile and productive workplace environment.


We are entirely independent, we make fees only from consultancy and have no other revenue streams that may influence the bias of our solutions.

We act solely on behalf of the client to ensure they get the best workplace solutions for their respected organisations. We recognise that business change is constant and that maximising the performance of people in the workplace is critical.


We’re very picky who we recruit into AWA. Only the best are retained and we insist that everyone has worked ‘client side’ regardless of discipline.

Our own multidisciplinary workplace allows us to maximise the effectiveness of our output and service our clients with the utmost professionalism.


What gets us out of bed is the excitement and satisfaction of helping clients achieve the workplaces and organisations they dream of.


Our team of associates are scattered all around the world. As a global organisation we are able to cater to clients on an international level. To find out more about AWA or to inquire about our services, please get in contact.

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