Adapting to new ways of working is essential for productivity, health and wellbeing – and the future is now!

We are Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)

We are a trusted, independent, global workplace management consultancy that will help you make a crucial step change in the performance of your people and your business by incorporating new ways of smart working.

Through our integrated and holistic approach to workplace management, we will help assess and understand your business needs. Our multi-disciplined team are expert in considering all elements of your current workplace model, including all practices and processes that influence culture, communications, space, IT, and information management, and provide trusted guidance to make them better, smarter, and more effective.

Whether your workplace model is agile, office-based or both – we will help you reap the benefits of innovating workplace experience through new ways of working.

How We Can Work With You?

Our services include:

  • Consultancy
    Using a strategic blend of science and creativity, we deliver trusted science-based consultancy services and training, working with senior leaders and Heads of Workplace, spanning all sectors and disciplines, from HR and Operations, to CRE, FM and IT.

    Collectively the team has implemented successful workplace change management strategies, introducing new ways of agile and activity-based working to organizations across the United Kingdom (UK)Europe (EU), Asia and the United States (US).

  • Training:
    Our Advanced Workplace Institute (AWI) is a trusted membership network, recognised for providing expert coaching, interactive events  (virtual and in-person) and access to the latest scientific research studies.


With 28 years of workplace management experience, we support organisations in their transition to new ways of working. Embracing the future or work is our core focus – it’s not a side-line for us.


The workplace is the sum of all parts, and so our cross disciplinary team are highly expert in all areas of workplace strategy, change management, workplace culture, workforce planning, space utilization, HR, FM, operations, technology and design.


Our only commitment is to our clients. We have no other revenue streams that may influence the bias of our workplace solutions.

To find out more about AWA and our services, please get in contact.

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