Since our inception in 1992, we have continued to challenge conventional thinking about work, the workplace and workplace management.

History: The first true Workplace Consultancy

Not many people know that Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) was the first true Workplace consultancy in the UK (and probably in the world). 

Bringing together experts in the fields of technology, workplace design, facilities management, business strategy and behavioural change management, our mission is… quite simply, to change the world (of work).

Formed in 1992 by Andrew Mawson, Wes McGregor and Graham Jervis, AWA set out to provide a new kind of workplace consultancy that put people and organisations first, using lateral thinking and insights into future technology as a baseline for workplace design, workplace management and workplace culture.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates History

Much of our thinking then (which endures today) was based on a futuristic research programme undertaken by a powerful group of companies.

These were known as The Learning Building Group (LBG) involving ICL (now Fujitsu), BAe Systems, Thorn, Skanska, Amec and Ericsson.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates History

The programme, which was led by Andrew Mawson, built on ICL’s technology research and looked at the future of work, technology, workplace and property. 

It brought forward a new model for the design of buildings which would enable rapid change, support people in doing their best work and embrace the rapid evolution of technology.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates History

Since then we’ve been true to our roots, working with some of the most respected organisations in the world.

This helped us to use moments of workplace change to drive dramatic improvements in business performance. 

We’ve remained independent and continue to pioneer new thinking through research undertaken in the Advanced Workplace Institute which uses academic research and live trials to answer unanswered workplace questions. We take our role in changing the world (of work) seriously and are proud to use our influence and relationships to further workplace thinking and excellence!

Furthering Workplace Thinking

To this end in 2010 we launched Workplace Week a week long programme of events and visits designed to shine a light on workplace innovation and raise funds for the young people in need. Workplace Week has been running annually for the past eight years, featuring events in both London, UK and New York, USA.

In 2014, AWA launched the Workplace Management Framework as an ‘open standard’ setting out capabilities and best practices for managing the modern workplace. This model has been recognized and endorsed by the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA).


In recent years AWA have undertaken heavy research into Knowledge Worker Productivity, Managing the Agile Workforce and Cognitive Performance, adding each as a valued service we provide to our much loved clients.

Expect us to continue challenging the status quo and using our energies to push the boundaries!

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