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Chris Hood


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Chris Hood is one of the pioneers of New ways of working, having led Hewlett Packard’s early initiatives in the field of Activity Based Working (ABW) and Agile Working. Today he works as the director of consulting for Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) and helps manage workplace management projects and agile workplace transformations.

Ever since his registration in 1978, Chris has continued to move away from the Architect’s traditional focus on buildings as structures, and towards a deeper understanding of the latent usefulness of workplace design towards those they serve… particularly, but not exclusively, the business world. Having worked with countless companies and commercial properties, Chris Hood is a treasure to have on board AWA.

By a deep exploration of the broader topics of the workforce, technology, indeed the work itself, he has built a career not only as a workplace strategy consultant but as a thought-leader who challenges the status quo and finds excitement in doing things better, faster and more efficiently from a resource perspective.

Prior to joining AWA, he was employed at CBRE where he was a senior consultant sharing his thirty-year workplace knowledge and experience with a wide range of the world’s very best companies.

Chris Hood is a well-established figure within the industry as a regular speaker at industry events, a writer on topics of contemporary interest, and a former winner of the Corenet Global Innovation Award.

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