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Claire Arnold


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Claire Arnold is our Director of Consulting and she’s responsible for the quality of all our Consulting projects. Before joining Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) in 2014, Claire had a long career in the Financial Services sector with the Royal Bank of Scotland, most recently leading the company’s agile working and change management initiatives and it’s London facilities management operations.

Claire started her working life in a retail branch before holding senior Operations Management roles running Call Centres and Processing Centres. Claire’s operational background, enables her to see workplace change through the eyes of operational business leaders and appreciate their issues translating workplace change into understandable language.

In her workplace strategy consulting work with AWA, Claire has undertaken assignments for organisations including Willis Towers Watson, BFI, Osborne Clarke, Unicef UK and Breast Cancer Care. She is an esteemed professional with an amazing understanding for both workplace management and change management principles.

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