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Graham Jervis


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Graham Jervis is one of the founding Directors of Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA). He is a workplace consultant who holds a PhD in Chemistry. Before joining AWA Graham was an IT Service Management professional, having worked for Esso and ICL (now Fujitsu). With ICL, Graham was responsible for the company’s software development of IT Service Management tools.

Over the 25 years Graham has been with AWA, he has brought IT management disciplines based around the ITIL model (used in the IT sector) to the world of facilities management and workplace management. This approach has been used in consulting projects with organisations including Scottish Power, Standard Life, Willis Towers Watson and Merrill Lynch.

More recently, Graham Jervis was the creator of The Workplace Management Framework, an open standard for the management of the Workplace. Its aim is to professionalise the FM and Workplace industry, bringing a language that can be understood by business leaders, suppliers, operations professionals,  real estate managers and facilities managers.

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