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Helen Guest


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Helen Guest is one of our most experienced Senior Associates. She is a social science graduate and prior to joining Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), she worked in financial services for twenty years, the second half of which involved delivering major business driven workplace behavioural change projects with Barclays Bank.

Since joining AWA in 2001, Helen has undertaken projects across a variety of industries with organisations including Npower, Lloyds TSB, Lloyds of London, Merrill Lynch, the Home Office, ASDA, The Royal Bank of Scotland, UK Border Agency, Invesco and Willis Towers Watson.

Helen co-developed and delivers AWA’s 2-day Agile Working Bootcamp training course and has helped train other Associates in its delivery. She also regularly participates in the Workplace PIN Transition and Sector Groups.

As a senior workplace consultant, Helen’s great strength is her ability to translate the theory of new work and workplace concepts into practical stories and language. This enables our clients and people at all levels to become comfortable and embrace the changes associated with business workplace transformations and transitions.

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