Helena Barcelos - change management - workplace consultant

Helena Barcelos


Helena is a Change Consultant and & Communications specialist with over 10 years of experience in industries such as Oil & Gas, Communications, Telecom, Finance, Automotive, Agribusiness, IT and Logistics. She has led the implementation of new processes and trained multidisciplinary teams all over Brazil, overcoming the challenges of establishing and disseminating global organizational cultures that feel local, all the while managing the impacts that these changes reflect on people’s daily routines.

Helena´s experience includes leading collaboration across functions, markets and regions in LatAm, to develop effective and cohesive communications plans that drive transformation and engagement to aid organizational efficiency and achieve business objectives. She´s passionate about the roles of culture and inclusion in connecting people to business strategies and goals, so that they can achieve more.
She is a certified HCMP® 3G Expert Professional by the Human Change Management Institute and a PROSCI Certified Change Practitioner.

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