Jennifer Bryan


Jennifer Bryan


AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: UK

Jennifer Bryan is a Senior Associate at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA). She is a formidable change consultant, with over 15 years of experience delivering change management in multinational organisations. Her extensive experience includes: Gartner, Philips, Swiss Re, HSBC, Vodafone, BSkyB, AECOM, Cisco, NHS and Central Government.

Jennifer Bryan is a qualified change manager and a Fellow with the Chartered Institute of Personal Development. Jennifers core skills include change management, stakeholder management and coaching. As a professional change consultant, Jennifer has a pragmatic approach to the behavioural elements of change. Her ability to identifies change needs thorough analysis is remarkabe. She aims to establish deep and trusting engagement with people from different areas and levels of organisations.

Jennifer Bryan works to achieve long lasting workplace changes with the clients she works with. She chooses to take a holistic approach and work collectively with the whole organisation. In between change programme, Jennifer Bryan has also been a Guest Lecturer in Change and Leadership on a Masters programme at Loughborough University Business School.