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Joshua Sumner


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Joshua Sumner joined Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) as an Apprentice Consultant in 2017. He has an Honours Degree in Philosophy and a Graduate Diploma in Law. Before joining AWA, Joshua worked in business development for an online start-up as well as assisting a top US arbitrator on litigious matters relating to e-sports in both the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK).

Joshua works on a number of internal projects for us, but also gets involved in research and surveying, and the development of many client projects. In addition to this he leads and supports the development of workplace utilisation studies. Joshua has also undertaken involvement in cognitive performance training and research in AWA.

The real skills of Joshua Sumner lay in his forward-thinking approach to problem solving and the ability to be both innovative and creative when crafting solutions. He is a prime workplace consultant in the making.

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