Lewis Crompton


Lewis Crompton


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Lewis Crompton joined the Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) 2019 as a change manager in training and to head up the Advanced Workplace Institute. He has a B.A., in Sociology and an M.A., in The Theology of Transformation. 

Lewis has a passion to create lasting transformation in people and organisations and has worked extensively as a coach and mentor with individuals at all levels, including those form the C-suite and Executive levels. At the age of 18 he trained and worked as a counsellor and coach in the UK, US and Australia while studying. 

After graduating he moved into retail, working initially in distribution and logistics before moving to merchandising with the Arcadia Group. While working here, Lewis trained as a financial market trader and began investing in UK property, raising and managing private finance. 

After being self-employed in this field for over a year, Lewis was head-hunted to develop and implement international training programs and events in property investment and Forex Trading. This took Lewis to the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Malaysia, China and Singapore. This work gave Lewis a keen understanding of the different demands of various organisation and national cultures.

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