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Lloyd Joseph


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Lloyd Joseph is an associate of AWA specialising in Information Technology. His experience spans 30 years in the sector leveraging all aspects of Infrastructure and Service Management. For Lloyd’s entire career he has been physically based in the City of London and whilst managing organisations from a multitude of sectors, he has extensively worked with leading finance entities representing both Banking and Insurance.

In his work, he has driven a variety of change programmes, always retaining a balanced focus of both the commercial, as well as technological deliverables. Customers have included Royal Bank of Scotland (GBM), Reuters, Northern Trust, Betfair, News International, Guardian Media Group, AIG, Hiscox, and an extensive list of Lloyd’s Market Underwriters.

In Lloyd’s work, he has always championed digital transformation that is directly aligned to business improvement – focusing heavily on attributes that wholly benefit individuals work methodologies, increasing productivity, whilst balancing security and information governance and never losing sight of the key commercial attributes.

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