Merilyn Keskula

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Merilyn Keskula

Merilyn Keskula


AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: UK

Merilyn Keskula is a well-connected creative strategist and innovation consultant. She has worked in variety of industries, from fashion – focusing on marketing and retail experiences – to tech. Her recent corporate role was in leading German audio company Sennheiser, where she was part of Zurich-based Global Strategic Innovation team and leading the internal and external blueprints, processes and projects implementing design thinking and creation of brand experiences.

One of Merilyn’s strengths is facilitating partnerships and cross-industry relationships for learning and collaboration purposes. Currently, she specialises in digital story-telling and meaningful brand experiences as well as transforming the workflow of female teams, leaders and entrepreneurs to maximise their creativity, efficiency and workplace productivity.

Her core skills include intuitive and fact-based experience curation, as well as creative strategies and social trends. She is also experienced in building multidisciplinary teams and consulting.

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