Michael Melani


Michael Melani


AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Australia

Michael Melani joined Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) as an associate consultant & marketing specialist. Before joining AWA, he worked in various roles in Australia including such fields as Hospitality, Marketing, Consulting, Operations and E-commerce. Michael graduated with a double degree from Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, completing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Bachelor of Arts major in Marketing.

Since joining AWA, Michael Melani has worked on a number of projects, he has undertaken analysis of post occupancy evaluations, facilitated workshops, orchestrated workplace studies and participated in Workplace Utilisation reviews. In his time he has worked with the likes of Santander, Willis Towers Watson, Manchester University, Drax Haven Power, BOC, Old Mutual Wealth and more.

In addition to consulting work, Michael Melani undertakes AWA’s marketing activities. His marketing ability has been used to help with efforts for Workplace Week London and Workplace Week New York, as well as our Advanced Workplace Institute sessions both in the UK and US.

Michael’s real skills show in his strategic approach in analysis and problem solving. He has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys tackling problems with a sharp sense of creativity and logic. He has been trained and developed thoroughly in all things agile working / activity based working.

In his spare time, he volunteers for local businesses by providing them with digital marketing advisory, he also actively supports and organises charity events for Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice.

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