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Paul Adams


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Paul Adams is a leading Personal Life Coach and an experienced workplace industry leader.

Formerly Head of Workplace at PWC, London – a position he held for more than 10 years – father of six and fitness enthusiast, Paul, retired from his appointment in August 2018 to pursue his passion for coaching.  Experienced in navigating big life change, Paul is now fully committed to helping the lives of people by removing obstacles that are in the way of releasing their potential, dreams or ambitions.

Equipped with humour, enthusiasm and motivation, Paul’s philosophy is simple: Potential minus interference equals performance.

Prior to embarking on a career in life-coaching, Paul was responsible for the day to day running of all of PwC’s offices across the UK including Northern Ireland. With 30+ direct reports across the UK, Paul spent 25 years both ‘at the coalface’ and on the ‘shop floor’ of Facilities Management, spearheading major workplace transformation projects that would serve to raise the profile of a complex and ever-evolving industry.

Prior to joining PWC, Paul spent 17 years at IBM where he received his professional management training, whilst holding leading positions in Computer Operations and Facilities Management.

Recognised for his effective leadership, smart thinking and positivity, Paul will bring his wealth of experience spanning both industries to the Workplace PIN, hosting dedicated training sessions and one to one coaching.

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