Activity Based Working – New York

One of the most densely populated cities in America is New York City. It is an international hub of innovation, business and professional services. New York, and the offices within Manhattan have accomplished workplace excellence with their impressive spacial designs and transitions to Activity Based Working.

Business centers within the Manhattan Business District  provide a unique and innovative example of workplace strategy. Smarter working models like activity based working have altered the way professionals utilise and create space. An example of this can be seen in Silicon Alley and Wall Street, impressive New York streets filled with top tier companies with office designs that improve workplace productivity. Activity Based Working Models can be seen in the likes of Willis Towers Watson, an international risk management and professional services firm who recently underwent a change management program with Advanced Workplace Associates to improve the way they work.

Activity Based Working Definition

Activity Based Working is a way of working that allows employees to work when, where and how they like. This way of working is also known as a business transformation strategy. This workplace option is accomplished by providing them with the dedicated spaces to perform their best work. This new way of working has been adopted globally, and has seen incredible cost reductions in corporate real estate.

Additionally, the nature of this work means your workplace utilisation levels will be improved immensely. The workplace consultants at AWA commonly find an average of 50-55% utilisation when undergoing workplace assessments. With the implementation of Activity Based Working, the rate is usually seen to improve by 20% – in turn getting more use and value out of your expensive assets.

Activity Based Working in New York

Activity Based Workplace Strategy

Advanced Workplace Associates, otherwise known as AWA – have workplace strategy consultants configure workspace’s and workplace culture’s in order to enhance performance all over the United States. More specifically, our work has been rolling over major cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington and San Francisco. As an organization, we have set the standard for Activity Based Working.

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