Workplace Transformation

Workplace Transformation is about using your workplace change initiative as a catalyst.

It is also an opportunity for moving to new, more dynamic models of working and business performance. In a ‘bricks and clicks’ world, a workplace transformation can provide countless opportunities for enhancement and revolutionary change.

We are committed to working with you to arrive at solutions that take full advantage of workplace transformation opportunities and make your journey achievable and sustainable.

Knowledge worker ‘consumers’ are demanding more from their experience of work. Business leaders are looking for greater levels of performance from their people and their workplace. Technologies are allowing us to tear up the rule book and work radically differently, in this exciting new era. The office may only be one part of a bigger jigsaw.

An example is the new remote working strategies that have been implemented across businesses on a global scale. The transition to working from home has been forced upon this generations knowledge workers and workplace leaders must adapt and transform their thinking.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates 2018: Creativity

Moments of workplace change provide the perfect opportunity for business transformation using the workplace as a trigger for a dynamic shift.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Mintel

The first step to transformation is the development of a sustainable Workplace Strategy, an evidence based single target point. 

Our approach starts by helping you to clarify the key business objectives that are driving your desire for workplace transformation.  Step one – ‘What are you trying achieve?’ with business leaders. 

Then we get a fix on the truth about today’s work processes, methods, places, technologies, culture and workplace experiences through a thorough examination involving surveys, metrics, interviews, observations, and workshops.

Using our research and future technology and business insights we explore the possibilities of doing things differently articulating the risks, benefits and the process of transformation. 

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Workplace Utilisation Study
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Mintel

Developing a strategy is one thing, bringing it to life and making it happen is quite another.

Vision, skill, political savvy and a knowledge of technology, space, design, behavioural change and productivity are necessary to make effective transformation happen. That’s where our highly experienced Change specialists come in. 

Our role is also to bring alignment and clarity throughout the change process, working with business leaders, technology specialists, architects, interior designers, facilities managers and engineers through a framework of activities to create and deliver joined-up workplace experiences and portfolios that are in line with your Workplace Strategy.

In any major transformation your people are key and therefore helping everyone change their practices, processes and behaviours is a fundamental part of our role.

To achieve this, we design and carefully choreograph change programmes that help everyone be at their best in the new world of work, providing new practices and processes that make sure the transition is sustainable and continues to evolve.
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Workplace Utilisation Study

Bringing about change in practices and behaviours isn’t a one-time fix. Sustainable change requires a conscious and managed programme of measures to keep people from slipping back to old ways and to make sure the new experience flourishes.

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