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Widening the Talent Pool - The BSI


Setting the Scene:

Following a period of growth, The British Standards Institution (BSI) decided that it needed a redesigned and refurbished office to help improve staff wellbeing and productivity levels – and to improve collaboration and communication across what were some rigid hierarchical structures.

Essentially, the BSI wanted to widen the talent pool by implementing remote working in addition to creating an attractive modern workplace. In 2014, they asked AWA to undertake a workplace study to explore new working models in their HQ to help with this pursuit.

The Challenge:

In the harsh battle for talent, the BSI found that its head office was not being used as an asset and needed modernising if it was to continue to attract and retain top talent. This applied not only to the design of the workplace, but also to the management framework and behaviour that would be required to drive the change.

The Solution:

Initial research was undertaken which included; an observation of how the current office space was being used, which formed the basis of the utilisation study; an online survey where the BSI employees could inform AWA how they use the space; interviews with business leaders were also conducted to gain a sense of where improvements could be made. Following the research phase, we presented a number of options that would deliver better utilisation and an improved workplace experience.

A key finding from the study was that the BSI needed one floor less than what was initially budgeted for, saving a huge sum of money..

Driving Change

Given that the changes introduced to the workplace were more focused on the people and management / systems in place than the physical space itself, it was crucial that the leaders and their teams understood how to successfully carry out and manage agile working.

So, in addition to revolutionising the way the space worked, AWA also developed and delivered a comprehensive change management programme, designed to help leaders understand what they needed to do differently in ‘managing agile’, and how they could help their remote teams work collaboratively together.

The Result:

Through the adopted change management process, our team of workplace consultants have helped deliver a sustainable agile workplace which will play a key role in the attraction and retention of staff.

The changes made helped propel the BSI into the realms of the “modern”, meaning there is now a heightened level of flexibility. There have been improvements in staff performance and a sense of pride pervades the building.

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