Mintel: Growing Pains / Gains


Growing Pains / Gains


Setting the scene

In 2012, we worked with our client Mintel on an expansion project that saw the global market research provider relocate into a new light, colourful and hierarchy-free working environment at 11 Pilgrim Street. Two years later, with a growing headcount of more than 400 people – and space for just 248 – Mintel opted to expand once more, this time spreading employees over two locations.

We were called in to replicate the success of the first change management programme with Mintel’s new workplace, namely Mintel House, in order to accommodate current and future growth, while ensuring the social, virtual and cultural infrastructures encouraged constant social interaction between departments and sites.

The Challenge

The design of 11 Pilgrim Street supports Mintel’s innovative approach to agile working and its flat management structure. It also fosters a ‘one team’ approach. This would have to be mirrored in the new workspace. Driving the appropriate culture to maintain a strong sense of community across the two sites was of vital importance, and would be a key challenge for the AWA team.
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The Solution

Having successfully worked with Mintel on the Pilgrim Street project, that embraced evidence-based design, we were brought in to run the internal project team around the change management piece at Mintel House. Our associates were tasked with managing the project team and reviewing the design proposals as they were presented to all parties. As an organisation at the forefront of workplace innovation and industry best practice, we also supported change management team meetings and in-house training sessions; the foundation of which the team designed in 2012.
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Activity Based Working

The Result

Thanks to working in partnership with us, Mintel now has a fluid, connected and innovative workspace across two buildings. This fosters community and communication and supports Mintel’s future as the company continues to grow and thrive.


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