Strategic Advice


As part of the UK Government’s Reform Programme to modernise the Civil Service, each government department was encouraged with the strategic advice to implement agile working to both modernise working arrangements and to increase the efficiency of office space, ultimately leading to the need for fewer buildings.

The then Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude, wanted to undertake an assessment of how well each department was performing in introducing ‘agile’ working arrangements, which to the government, meant giving people more freedom in where and when they worked in and out of government buildings.

The Cabinet Offices TW3 team invited our Managing Director and Founder, Andrew Mawson, to join a panel which would review the performance of each of 13 major Government departments. In order to ensure consistency and robustness Andrew, our Karen Plum and the Cabinet Office team developed a maturity framework, with a series of probes enabling classification of each department’s maturity across a variety of factors including, culture, technology, space, change processes and change maintenance.

The team visited each department and undertook face-to-face reviews with senior leaders from each of the 13 departments, then the results were collated and strategic advice was fed back to each department’s Director General. As well as enabling the Minister to gain a good understanding of how well agile was being implemented, there was also the by-product of sharing of good practice between departments. The process has contributed to the TW3 team’s success in gaining good support for the roll-out of agile working, which has contributed to a 20% reduction in the Government’s office property holdings.

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