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Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) were initially appointed by the UK Power Networks Commercial Services Group to support a consolidation of space in their Potters Bar office. In reducing their occupancy from 3 floors to 2 with the same headcount (280), the UK Power Networks knew they needed an agile working approach for the remaining floors. However with only a short term left on the lease, they needed to create the right environment for a combination of contact centre agents and project engineers within a limited budget. In addition to reducing property costs the UK Power Networks were keen to improve collaboration and productivity in and across teams. They also wanted to use the project as a pilot that could be rolled out as part of the ‘way they do work’ in the core of the UK Power Network.

Advanced Workplace Associates were appointed to undertake studies and engagements to develop a proposition that would provide the appropriate work settings without requiring any major alterations to the office space i.e. a loose fit approach. The proposition showed how using a combination of new and recycled furniture a range of team, social, informal meeting and enclosed meeting spaces could be introduced within a set of guiding principles that could be used as a blueprint for UK Power Network workplaces.

Critically we helped guide the technology work arounds that would allow the workspaces to be used agilely. The stakeholders approved the proposition and the delivery of the change management programme was a success.
The blueprint has already extended beyond Potters Bar and we are helping the UK Power Networks to design a new hub and spoke model to support a new re-engineered project design and delivery programme for their massive infrastructure programme involving multi partner collaboration workspaces.

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