2030 Visions Programme

The AWI is launching the 2030 Visions Programme as a two-year research project into life, business, work and place in 2030

This programme is created for senior leaders in the world of workplace, who are responsible for their organisations work, workforce and workplace infrastructure strategies. The programme provides participants with analysis, useable conclusions, data and methods to improve strategic decision making and enhance considered contribution.

Many expert commentators predict that the next 10 years will see some of the most profound social, economic and technological changes seen in any decade. Many of which will have a ‘game changing’ implications for the nature of work, place, location and real estate.

The 2030 Visions Programme provides insights and analysis form industry experts to enable effective navigation of the choppy waters ahead to 2030.

Leader Forums


The AWI Leader Forums (12 events over 2 years) held in London and New York involving leading experts from the sectors of economics, business, technology, AI, workforce trends, sustainability, education and workplace management. These forums provide a confidential environment in which to explore the world in 2030.

Delivered through an informal dinner format, attendees have the opportunity to discuss and debate these substantial topics openly and confidentially with our experts. We will be exploring together and answering the question, ‘what does this mean for life, work and place?’.



To add to the AWI’s ‘2030 body of knowledge’, critical workplace consumer research is being embarked upon to determine the attitudes, ideas and needs of knowledge workers now, with a view to how they have changed and will change by2030.

Results will be provided exclusively to members at the AWI Leader Forums.

2030 Knowledge Sharing

A series of ‘Guides to 2030’ will be published for use by AWI members within their organisations. With this will be planning tools and processes, all geared to equipping leaders with the best available intelligence to better improve strategic decision making, improving the workplace experience for their populations.

To learn more about this initiative or if you’d like to join, contact:
Lewis Crompton at lcrompton@advanced-workplace.com or

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