2019 Programme Events

2019 Events 


Summer intermission



Advanced Workplace Institute: Workplace Performance Management
Transition Group Workshop 3: Managing workplace performance management is a multi- faceted, multi-dimensional task that is not for the faint of heart. To help leaders maximise the performance of each individual and community within the workplace, this dedicated session will explore the highly effective techniques that can be used to accurately measure human and workplace productivity, efficiency and utilisation.


Advanced Workplace Institute: Nutrition, Hydration and Cognitive Performance
Interactive Online Workshop 3: An exclusive reveal of AWA’s latest research commission.


Advanced Workplace Institute: Workplace Strategy Workshop
An introduction to the evolving discipline of Workplace Management, the Workplace Management Framework and online Maturity Assessment Tool for senior leaders, and an approach to using them to transition their organisations to Workplace Management.



Advanced Workplace Institute: Enhancing Community Performance – The 6 factors
Interactive Online Workshop 4: An exploration into the six key areas of organisational effectiveness that have a profound impact on workplace design, culture, leadership competences and workplace infrastructure in the future.


Advanced Workplace Institute: The Truth About Workplace & Productivity – NEW YORK Premier Leaders Forum: This session will reveal the highlights of our latest research on Knowledge Worker Productivity, share future plans and offer practical advice on the best ways to apply the research findings.


11 – 15

Workplace Week London
An opportunity for Advanced Workplace Institute members and workplace professionals around the UK to enjoy exclusive behind the scenes workplace tours of many of Workplace Week London headline organisations.


Advanced Workplace Institute: Managing Modern Workplace Capacity
Transition Group Workshop 4: In a ‘traditional’ workplace, ‘capacity’ referred simply to the number of desks in the workplace. However, fast forward to 2019, and this is no longer the case for today’s agile workforce…
Case study: British Heart Foundation’s Smart Working initiative

This final session will explore the true capacity of the modern work- place, including the factors that govern it, the way to calculate it and the mechanisms to understand how much of your workplace capacity has been consumed.



Advanced Workplace Institute: Leaders Forum
The Leaders forum is an enjoyable early evening event for the most senior leaders at which we will debate and explore topics of strategic interest relevant to members. 


Advanced Workplace Institute: Managing the ‘Agile Workforce’
Interactive Online Workshop 5: A deep-dive into the essential skills, attributes and practices required to implement effective virtual / agile working.



Advanced Workplace Institute: Designing Workplace Experiences
Interactive Online Workshop 6: Designing a workplace experience requires a very different approach to the disintegrated traditional process we see today. It requires a holistic, multi-disciplinary design team and process that explores how every second and every sense can be used to deliver value. This session will reveal how.

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