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Premier Leaders Forum

The Truth About the Workplace and Productivity

An event for Real Estate, FM, Workplace, HR & IT leaders (occupiers only) to illustrate the value of workplace ‘research’ – what is worth your time and what is just the latest fad or opinion to hit the headlines.

When: 5:30pm – 8:00pm, October 24 2019

Where: WorkHouse, 21 West 46th St, New York


AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Performance

Workshop Aims

    • To share the AWI’s latest research into the factors that influence the productivity of knowledge workers
    • To offer practical advice on how to apply it in the workplace
    • To discuss ‘Evidence Based’ Research vs ‘Research’

    • To share the AWI’s mission and future research
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Fitness

The Issue

Every day a new article announces ‘research’ that proclaims another factor that influences workplace productivity. But what is true, what is spin and what is one-off? The Advanced Workplace Institute has reviewed all the scientific research on Knowledge Worker Productivity in partnership with the Amsterdam based Centre for Evidence Based Management (

This session will reveal the highlights of our latest research on Knowledge Worker Productivity, share future plans and offer practical advice on the best ways to apply the research findings.

Our Contributors
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Andrew Mawson, Founder

Founder & Managing Director, AWA

Andrew is recognised as one of the UK’s leading thinkers on the evolution of work and the workplace. Since founding AWA over 25 years ago, he has worked at strategic level with organisations including Merrill Lynch, RBS, Network Rail, Santander, Unicef UK, Welcome Break, Willis Towers Watson, The Home Office and The Cabinet Office to support them in improving the performance of their workplace portfolios.

Andrew has been closely involved in the AWI and its predecessor the Workplace PIN since their inception.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Fran Ferone, Senior Associate

Senior Associate, AWA

Fran is a skilled facilitator and communicator with a background in corporate design and workplace management. Fran has worked with frontline and senior management of Fortune 500 companies including Credit Suisse, Lehman Brothers, Nortel Networks, General Electric in the US and
internationally. Fran holds a BA in Speech from The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. and a degree in Interior Design from Parsons in
New York.

Fran has published numerous articles and papers on a variety of workplace topics, and currently sits on the Strategy and Portfolio Planning Committee
of CoreNet Global’s New York Chapter.

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