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Making the Shift to Home Working Effectively

Managing a home-based work community over a prolonged period of time is very different to having some people working away from the office some of the time. The first part of the series spotlights the things organizations should be doing to prepare for prolonged periods of mass home working.
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Performance

Workshop Aims

    • Identifying practical actions needed to prepare populations for long term home based working.
    • Raising levels of awareness of the nuances associated managing and working away from the office.

    • The challenges and mechanisms associated with leading teams working away from the office.

    • Maintaining trust, motivation, productivity and strong relationships whilst working away.

    • Communication enhancement and collaboration tools

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Fitness

The Issue

Today in the news, some governments declared that up to 80% of their population will be affected by coronavirus. This is potentially an unprecedented health threat that will, and is affecting business. Global travel has been shut, office doors have closed. How can we ensure business as usual when we are not business as usual.

The implications of empty offices on productivity and profitability should be of great concern. This session will identify what to be aware of when making the necessary and forced changes presented by scenarios we are faced with today.

Event Summary

The feedback we received following this interactive online session has been phenomenal. The session lasted 90 minutes and there was never a moment not filled with vital information around remote work trends, virtual teamwork and best practice for shifting office populations to online work from home populations.

Key takeaways looked at truly understanding the difference in working experiences that our organisations are now experiencing. The challenges faced shifting from how we work when “in the office” vs when we are “away from the office”. Using an interactive tool, participants were able to collectively create in real time word clouds. This revealed the core differences people felt their teams would be experiencing. Understanding the challenges our populations are facing will enable us to be managing remote workers more effectively.

Images of the word clouds created can be found within the downloadable summary handout here.

We then turned to the Advanced Workplace Institutes research on managing remote employees and agile workers. This research has repeatedly shown that there are five key components to nurture if wanting to successfully manage agile virtual teams. These are trust, relationships, leadership and workership, communication richness and personality. A deep dive into each of these areas will be undertaken in Workshop 2, Managing the Home Based Community on April 2nd. Those who registered for Workshop 1 will be automatically invited. If you would like to register for this event, please click here for further information.

The workshop identified a list of 10 things to do differently when working AWAy from the office. These ranged from making your work activities visible to your team to ensuring you socialise with your work colleagues, even though apart. The purpose of these 10 things to do differently are to help foster the five key components for successfully managing the home based workforce. The full list of these can be found in the downloadable summary. Also contained in this handout is a 12 point infrastructure checklist needed to help facilitate effective home working.

For further reading on the topic of working well at home, please read our Working Well at Home article.

Workshop 1 was an introduction to the key considerations from shifting office based populations to home workers. The remaining sessions will be a deep dive into more specifics. For further information and all of these sessions, please click here.

Our Contributors

Senior Associate, AWA

Anne is an experienced change management consultant and has worked with a wide array of municipalities, ministries and private companies (both small local and large global).

Anne advises top management in how they can utilise space as a strategic tool to ensure increased performance typically with regard to ensuring interdisciplinary cooperation and knowledge sharing; flexibility allowing for successive changes throughout the organisation; attraction and retention of talent; branding of the organisation, etc. while increasing staff satisfaction and reducing m2 use.

Karen Plum - Advanced Workplace Associates - UK - USA - AWA - Workplace consultant

Director of Research and Development, AWA

Karen Plum is a senior workplace consultant responsible for our Research and Development activities.

In her consulting work Karen specialises in working as a senior coach with leaders, supporting them in creating the conditions to bring about strategic change in the way their people work. Karen is an expert in agile working, having helped countless organisations transition into new ways of working. She has worked with numerous organisations, helping to coordinate and construct more effective workplace strategies. Clients she has worked with include the Royal Bank of Scotland, Microsoft, Nationwide Building Society, Morgan Stanley, Lloyds Banking Group, Prostate Cancer UK and London & Partners.

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