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Transition Group Workshop

Managing Complex Multidisciplinary Workplace Change

An intensive workshop for Real Estate, FM, Workplace, HR & IT leaders (occupiers only) taking an advanced approach to the creation and management of the modern workplace.


When: 10:30-15:30, 11th July 2019

Where: Willis Towers Watson, London EC3

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Performance

Workshop Aims

    1. To provide a practical framework for managing workplace change

    2. Illustrate the importance of unblocking change and identifying trade-offs

    3. Define the significant difference between ‘Comms’ and  ‘Engagement’ and why it matters

    4. Clarifying the links between messaging, timing and power

    5. Address different change scenarios for different levels of agile maturity

    6. Share a real example of delivering and sustaining change through the Willis Towers Watson case study
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Fitness

The Issue

Changing workplace practices, behaviours and processes whilst business is in full flow is a challenge for any organisation.

Harnessing the right powerbase, engaging at the right level, competing for people’s time and being clear about why the change is necessary is critical to securing & sustaining lasting change. They are fundamental for a new change, for one that’s being rolled out and to address change that wasn’t done well.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Meeting


10:30 – Welcome & Introductions

11:00 – How do you get humans to change their habits?

11:45 – Identifying the “Why”

12:30 – Lunch

13:15  – The role of the Workplace Leader in delivering change

14:15 – Case Study: Willis Towers Watson – Sustaining Change

15:15 – Wrap up and future events – close at 15:30

Our Contributors
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Andrew Mawson, Founder

Founder & Managing Director, AWA

Getting humans to change and Identifying the Why

Andrew is recognised as one of the UK’s leading thinkers on the evolution of work and the workplace. Since founding AWA over 25 years ago, he has worked at strategic level with organisations including Merrill Lynch, RBS, Network Rail, Santander, Unicef UK, Welcome Break, Willis Towers Watson, The Home Office and The Cabinet Office to support them in improving the performance of their workplace portfolios.

Andrew has been closely involved in the AWI and its predecessor the Workplace PIN since their inception.


Senior Associate, AWA

Implications for how to deliver change

Anne is an experienced change management consultant and has worked with a wide array of municipalities, ministries and private companies (both small local and large global).

An experienced process and project manager with strong communication skills, she designs and executes change processes and facilitates dialogue in various formats across all levels of the client’s organisation.


Brian Marchal

Global Director of Workplace Change, Real Estate and Workplace Solutions, Willis Towers Watson

Brian is a real estate professional with 17+ years of experience in the workplace, real estate and construction industries as a Civil Engineer, Project Manager, Director and a PMO Manager across various sectors. Currently leading the workplace transformation of WTW’s global portfolio as colleagues move into the world of activity based working.

Brian has been closely involved with the focus of our case study –  The Willis Building – designed by Foster + Partners, in Lime Street, London EC3.

Advanced Workplace Associates - UK - USA - AWA - Workplace consultant

Senior Associate, AWA

Willis Towers Watson case study

Helen has nearly 30 years experience in delivering major business change for organisations. At AWA, she has delivered projects for Npower, Lloyds TSB, Lloyds of London, Merrill Lynch, the Home Office, ASDA, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Invesco and our case study client, Willis Towers Watson.

She has a wealth of experience in delivering complex change, working alongside and guiding multi disciplinary client project teams.

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