Journey to the New Discipline of Workplace Management – Practical Steps to the Future

Breakfast Event

The Journey to the New Discipline of Workplace Management - Practical Steps to the Future

An intensive workshop for Real Estate, FM, Workplace, HR & IT leaders (occupiers only) taking an advanced approach to the creation and management of the modern workplace.

When: 08:00-10:00, 18th September 2019

Where: Workplace House, London EC1


AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Performance

Workshop Aims

    • The new discipline of Workplace Management – what are we trying to achieve?
    • The WM organisation as a business
    • The “Gap”
    • A framework for reviewing your capabilities. A review of The Workplace Management Framework
    • The process for transitioning to the new world of Workplace Management
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Fitness

The Issue

Workplace Management isn’t just a name change, it’s a new discipline.

In a rapidly changing world where new technologies threaten to change the shape of organisations and where for many, people really are their most valuable resource, smart business leaders are seeing the ‘workplace experience’ as a critical untapped resource needed to attract, inspire, enthuse and make productive the talented people they need to deliver their missions.

And the workplace itself is changing, the Digital workplace is a critical component. No longer a building, the workplace is anywhere people work and underpinned by technology without which people can’t deliver. It’s no longer just ‘infrastructure’ either – it’s the social and psychological environment in which people work. And it’s not just about design, it’s about creating multi-sensory, multifaceted experiences closely aligned to business drivers, organisational personality and driven by science. Oh, and it’s no longer about delivering a series of disparate operational services, it’s about delivering and evolving frictionless workplace ‘experiences’.

Workplace Management is a discipline that transcends traditional organisational boundaries (IT, CRE, FM, HR) to take ownership of the design, delivery and continuous evolution of a total, multi-sensory, multi-faceted employee ‘experience’, that embraces physical, information, social and service environments all fused together to create the conditions under which the maximum value is extracted from every second in the ‘workplace’ wherever and whatever it is. It’s consciously and systematically constructed to support the organisation in achieving its strategic goals whilst recognizing the need for strategic flexibility in an ever-changing world.

Our Contributors
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Andrew Mawson, Founder

Founder & Managing Director, AWA

Andrew is recognised as one of the UK’s leading thinkers on the evolution of work and the workplace. Since founding AWA over 25 years ago, he has worked at strategic level with organisations including Merrill Lynch, RBS, Network Rail, Santander, Unicef UK, Welcome Break, Willis Towers Watson, The Home Office and The Cabinet Office to support them in improving the performance of their workplace portfolios.

Andrew has been closely involved in the AWI and its predecessor the Workplace PIN since their inception.


Senior Associate, AWA

Matthew is an Architectural Engineering graduate with considerable experience in the construction, delivery, organisational change and ongoing management of workplace environments.

A keen advocate of optimising productivity through environment and behaviour, Matthew has implemented major change programmes and office enhancements across both Europe and Asia, whilst maintaining operational up-time and minimising disruption.

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