A New Vision for the Global Workforce The AWA People Series

Our four-part People Series will provide valuable experience, thought leadership and guidance to global leaders, with particular focus on people, policies and work practices, as organizations prepare for their new normal.

Hear from influential leaders and People Directors from leading organizations in the UK and US, as we discuss and share in-depth knowledge, research and experience to help you determine the best future work model for you – and more importantly, the steps to take to make it happen (without falling back into hold habits).

Past Events

Webinar 1:
No Going Back! 7 Steps to a New Normal

How can HR Lead your Organization to a New Future?

Leaders around the world are trying to make sense of the key learning’s and complexities from the pandemic and determine the best solution for their people to confidently and safely return to work.

But conflicting priorities and perspectives can result in tense discussions, a lack of consensus, and subsequently greater uncertainty and anxiety.

Terms like flexible and hybrid working, and 2-3 day work patterns are being referenced in the media, but what does it all mean? How do you create solutions that work for everyone? How do we embrace the ‘new normal’ without slipping back into old patterns?

Overcome the Complexities and find out the Seven Steps to a New future Work Model.

Webinar Panel:

  • Robin Shapiro – Chief Executive Officer, TBWA\WorldHealth
  • Kerry SmithExecutive Director of People & Organizational Development, British Heart Foundation
  • Lisa WhitedSenior Associate, Advanced Workplace Associates
  • Philippa HaleSenior Consultant & and subject matter lead for Learning and Professional Development, Advanced Workplace Associates

Webinar 2:
The Perfect Virtual Leader

Research shows that moving to a virtualized world puts leadership skills to the test. Leaders need to consistently be on their A-game to deliver excellent performance while working apart from one another.

The truth is, in the pre-pandemic office environment, transparency and visibility to keep colleagues in the know was often lacking. In the virtual world, sharing everything from data, information and awareness of colleague well-being necessitates more intentional effort and focus from everyone; both managers and team members.

So, what makes a great virtual leader? As more organizations incorporate flexible working, the best managers will learn quickly that their people need new motivations and objectives. In this session, we will dig deeper into specific aspects of remote management and leadership that assure high performing, well connected and engaged remote teams.

Webinar Panel:

  • Ainsley Wallace CEO, University of Southern Maine Foundation
  • Dave Smoragiewicz – Managing Director, New England Market Leader, Willis Towers Watson
  • Andrew MawsonFounder & Managing Director, Advanced Workplace Associates
  • Lisa WhitedSenior Associate, Advanced Workplace Associates
  • Philippa Hale Senior Consultant & Subject Matter Expert, L&D, Advanced Workplace Associates

Webinar 3:
Managing the Employee Life-cycle in a Virtual World

The rapid shift to flexible working has disrupted the employee life-cycle as we know it. Employees and managers who joined during this last year have had to find creative ways to get to know their organizations and people. They have also had to find ways to generate ideas and learn from each other, including finding substitutes for the all-important, serendipitous ‘watercooler’ moments.

HR leaders are under pressure to reimagine their People strategies and policies, and help their management communities to better manage those critical touchpoints including Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, Retention and Separation.

Join us to understand the impact, opportunities and challenges of virtual working on the employee life-cycle. Hear how leaders are making sure their employees receive the best experience possible, how to generate loyalty and a sense of belonging, and help employees learn how to take their share of responsibility for their own career experience – now and into the new normal.

Webinar Panel:

  • Brad Taylor Director of People, CIPD (UK)
  • Adria HornEVP Workforce, Tilson Technology Management (U.S)
  • Andrew MawsonFounder & Managing Director, Advanced Workplace Associates
  • Lisa Whited Senior Associate, Advanced Workplace Associates

Webinar 4:
Re-imagining the Destination Workplace

Not so long ago, it was a given that if you worked somewhere, you worked there – in the workplace. While certain employees in specific classifications were able to have ‘remote working agreements’, assignment to an identifiable spot in a specific location was the norm.

As organizations engage in new approaches to flexible and hybrid working, what role will the workplace play? Each organization will need to consider how to use the ‘destination workplace’ to best meet their populations’ complex human needs that the home environment can never fully provide: social connection and learning, creative and spontaneous collaboration, and tacit knowledge sharing.

The physical workplace has been commonly accepted as a key manifestation of company culture, belonging and identity. How then do we build intentional company culture, with the same sense of identity and belonging across these hybrid or flexible environments?  Join us as we delve into issues around how people work across the full workplace ecosystem and how to get the best performance from managers and teams in an agile environment. We will explore the idea of the ‘destination workplace’ to support human performance, talent management and company culture in this new agile world.

Webinar Panel:

  • Mel Parkes Global Head of Workplace Transformation, BP
  • Catherine F. LamsonSVP, Chief Administrative Officer, the MEMIC Group
  • Andrew MawsonFounder & Managing Director, Advanced Workplace Associates
  • Lisa Whited Senior Associate, Advanced Workplace Associates

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