Working AWAy Series

The AWI launched the four-part Working AWAy series to provide support and guidance to organizations needing to transition to home working in light of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. The workshops were designed to outline the processes and tools required to establish and manage remote teams.

Managing a home-based work community over a prolonged period of time is very different to having some people working away from the office some of the time. The first part of the series spotlights the things organizations should be doing to prepare for prolonged periods of mass home working.

To see the summary and results of our first session, please click here.

Drawing on AWA’s 20 years’ experience and scientific research of managing virtual organizations, the second session provides you with everything you need to know about managing a home-based community.

To see the summary and results of our second session, please click here.

Many people are comfortable working from home for a day or two a week – or for a short period to work on a specific piece of work. In our experience, the majority of people like to be in the office with their colleagues for the majority of the time. The third part of the series provides tools and tips on how to stay focused, happy and productive whilst working at home.
To see the summary and results of our third session, please click here.
To close the series, the final workshop provides valuable insights into the factors that impact the performance of teams, including top tips on how to choose the right tools and technology for effective collaboration.
To see the summary and results of our final session, please click here.

To learn more about this initiative or if you’d like to join, contact:
Lewis Crompton at or

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