Moving Office?

Are you looking into moving office? A new office can be both exciting and stressful. It is more than just a new building with new furniture. It is a workplace, which in essence an major component of your organisation and its workforce. Advanced Workplace Associates can help you make the most out of your office relocation.

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Not only can you get more out of the building you can use this opportunity as a catalyst to change the culture of your organisation. This means getting more out of your employees and at the same time giving them what they want and what they need to do their jobs more effectively. You can make this a win win situation for your business but also your hard working staff.

Moving office to a new building gives you the opportunity for a new start. Don’t just maintain the status quo and fill it full of rows of desks and a few old fashioned meeting rooms. Create a workplace design that foster innovation, productivity and social collaboration.

Your workforce will no doubt have mixed views about the move, so take the opportunity to turn this in to a positive experience for them and for you by implementing important change management processes. Get them excited about the move, get them energised and give them something to look forward to! Instill the new way of working by getting the transition right.

Over the last 25 years we have helped tens of thousands of people move to new ways of working. Our latest research in knowledge worker productivity has enabled the possibility of increasing workplace productivity. We do this by changing the workplace culture of an organisation and focussing on six factors that we believe have the greatest impact on the productivity of a knowledge economy.

When moving office, Advanced Workplace Associates can help you get it right. Register your interest on the form below and we will give you a call and talk to you about your plans and explain how we can help.

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