Workplace Behaviour Change

Every organisation has their own culture and embedded behaviour.

Repeated patterns of thought, along with the accompanying processes, instil specific neuro-patterns into the brain. These neuro-patterns form the underlying basis for the way in which individual people and communities work. When we undertake change projects, our goal is to break these patterns in order to replace them with new and improved modes of thinking and working.

Points of Focus

A workplace behaviour change can be designed to achieve a variety of outcomes:

  • Collaboration

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Social cohesion

  • Worker productivity

  • Space utilisation

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Achieving communal behaviour change requires a well choreographed programme of initiatives, designed to help every individual on their journey.

Supporting an individual through behavioural change is complex, but transitioning the neuro-patterns of an organisational community are far more complex. 

Every individual needs to be engaged on their terms, having their questions answered in their individual contexts. Our job is to make this happen and ensure that each individual sees value from the change and is then able to devote their cognitive resources to making the change to their own new behaviour.

Our time-tested approach and change management structure has been used with over 90,000 employees world-wide. We have worked with incredibly complex companies to bring about a lasting behaviour change that has transitioned communal work and thinking in order to meet the organisations’ vision of the work.


In order to implement a successful workplace behaviour change, it is essential your workplace strategy is thorough. For more workplace management advisory, contact an Advanced Workplace Associates workplace consultant

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