Learning & Development

We develop and support the workplace leaders of the future.

AWA’s partnership with your organisation will give you the leading edge to take your vision into action because your people will have the skills & confidence to deliver.

Skills for the evolution of workplace management


The world of work is changing rapidly and so is the workplace. It is critical to use the best tools to manage it.

Achieving excellence in Workplace Management at a strategic level requires a broad range of knowledge, skills and the confidence to deliver and influence the ‘C’ suite.The specific capabilities you and your team need to prepare, deliver, respond and engage with the exciting opportunities ahead is where we come in.

Our Learning & Development service responds to the growing demand from CRE, FM, IT & HR leaders

These demands are to move to new levels of competence to be able to deliver high performance workplace experiences every day wherever people work and workplace portfolios that connect with strategic business objectives.

The ‘PIN’ provides a series of services to support innovative leaders change the world of work, workplace and workplace management.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Workplace Utilisation Study

We hold events all around the world that provide insight into our workplace knowledge and research.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Workplace Utilisation Study