Workplace PIN: Sector Groups

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Workplace PIN

Workplace PIN: Sector Groups

Do you know what’s going on in matters “workplace” within your sector? 

We facilitate ‘invitation only’ quarterly discussion groups for senior leaders responsible for the workplace in specific industry sectors. These are very popular as leaders can engage with others from a similar “world” to their own.

The leaders set the agenda, sessions are hosted on member sites, we manage the logistics and make an expert contribution to the sessions.

The groups operate on “Chatham House” rules, so everything is confidential to members. Leaders identify topics to discuss and share information, approaches, processes, models and experiences in a supportive, friendly environment.

The Workplace PIN session is designed to discuss workplace management aspects specific to different industries. Subjects such as office design, office relocation, agile working and workplace transformation are all matters discussed at the sessions.

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We currently run a number of groups for organisations in the following Sectors:


Asset Management 


Insurance Broking 









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If you are interested in joining an existing Sector Group or would like us to form a group in your sector, call us now on +44 207 743 7110.

For more information, email Connie Phillips-Brown at