Workplace PIN: Transition Group

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Workplace PIN: Transition Group

The Workplace PIN…Our network for leaders who want to change the world of work and transition into innovation

The Workplace PIN Transition Group is an ‘occupier only’ group for leaders and their teams who want to optimize the performance of the workplace and deliver maximum value to their respective organisations.

Great workplace management

Great workplace management is all about providing a workplace experience that consciously supports people in delivering their peak performance every day whilst at the same time maximizing the use of the workplace as an asset. That’s workplace optimization.

The Workplace PIN Group provides a series of 4 carefully structured workshops, each on a different topic related to the transition to advanced agile ways of working, workplace design and workplace management.


For 2018, we have four new exciting workshops for PIN members:

The Evolution to True Workplace Management

The Dream Team: CRE, FM, HR & IT Working to a Shared Vision

A Practical Process for Designing Workplace Experiences

Using Technology to Improve the Performance of the Modern Workplace

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Last year, we featured four topics voted by members:

Designing the workplace for peak human performance

Key workplace trends 2017 – 2022 and what to do now

Big data, analytics, benchmarking and skills for managing the workplace

The workplace as a business tool – getting your message across to the C-suite

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During each workshop we clarify the issue and run a highly interactive session including expert insights, group exercises and discussions.

Discussion between members also enables an exchange of information and exploration of ways to meet shared challenges. You will take away new understandings, tools and processes that can be used in your organisation.

Our careful workshop design ensures that they also contribute to your continuing professional development goals.

What members say about the PIN:

“The case studies are gold – we learn so much from other companies experiences.”

 “Because the sessions are confidential, we hear things we’d never know otherwise!”

 “The PIN sessions are a great way to share experiences – they provide the opportunity to discuss common pitfalls but also best practice.”

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