Managing the Hybrid Workforce

We have created a series of interactive online workshops and tools to equip organisations, leaders and work communities to work effectively whilst transitioning to hybrid working.

You can, but you’ll find that things may start to unravel pretty quickly unless you make some changes.

Mis-communications lead to misunderstandings, which can lead to frustrations, weakening of relationships, gradual lack of trust and reduced team cohesion.

There have been many high-profile examples with dramatic consequences where working away has gone wrong … but it doesn’t have to be this way.

By fusing our practical experience and scientific research we’ve created a framework of tools and workshops that help you make the best of working away without the downsides.

There are substantial differences between operating an organisation in which everyone shows up at the office every day and an organisation where people with different levels of competence work in different locations, with different physical and social backdrops and where the opportunities for visibility are limited.

For 28 years we have operated our business without a conventional office.

We’ve created a highly connected global community using consistent Working Away tools, processes and behaviours.
By reviewing all the worlds academic research, we’ve identified what really matters when it comes to maximising performance and cohesion while Working Away.

We’ve used this science with many leading organisations on their change programs.

Our tools, workshops and methods are designed to blend with your own initiatives and maximise the probability of success for all stakeholders. 

The Framework is delivered virtually in an engaging, gamified and energetic way to enable your people to develop critical new actionable understandings and techniques very quickly.


Leadership & Team Development

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Workplace Management

Future Vision Workshop

A top leadership workshop facilitating leaders in developing a clear strategy for their Working Away program whilst creating a strong shared narrative.

Leadership Techniques Workshop

A range of engaging science based workshop modules equipping participants to lead a Working Away workforce providing actionable strategies for managing and

Working Away Agreement Workshop

A gamified team workshop for leaders and their teams facilitating co-creation of an agreed way of Working Away – together.

Home-Work-Life Agreement Workshop

A workshop and tools to support individual employees facilitate household discussions that lead to a home-work-life agreement creating the conditions for harmonious living and effective working.

Infrastructure & Monitoring

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Workplace Management

Working Away Policy Development

To define and promote your organisations approach to Working Away we engage with your people, IT, HR and FM professionals facilitating the creation of a Working Away policy, supporting procedures and communication devices.

People & Role Assessment Tools

Our tools assess the suitability of individuals and roles for Working Away and are used to create strategies for maximising morale and performance.

Home-Based Self Risk Assessment

A simple employee risk assessment survey highlighting risks to health and effective working forming the basis of a discussion with the workplace professionals to determine actions to be taken.

Pulse Surveys, Interviews & Focus Groups

A suite of tools to monitor and manage employees wellbeing, morale and effectiveness of working – comprising a regular longitudinal pulse survey, interviews and on-line focus groups.

The Factors that matter the most when teams are working away

Leadership &


Task Coordination




In the office, without thinking, leaders and team members can see and overhear each other and gain knowledge about each other without even trying.

Things like mood, resting expression, demeanour, body language, state of dress, tone of voice are all conveyed without effort, synthesised and interpreted.

Then there’s the grapevine where people learn informally what’s going on in the business and in their work community and the potential for constant support, colleagues to ask, IT functions to call for help and so on.

But offices are expensive to run, require a daily commute, generate tons of carbon and the workplace experience can often be distracting, sometimes unpleasant and co-location increases the spread of disease.

Working Away Upsides

Benefits include lower commute times, better work life balance, increased focus, support for family life and being able to relocate without having to change jobs. But of course not everyone has the conditions for effective work at home.

We need to facilitate the construction of new practices, processes and understandings to replace what’s lost in being together in the office – and take full advantage of the benefits of Working away.

Our science and models have been generated through a rich partnership with the Amsterdam based Centre For Evidence Based Management. Our studies cover the following topics:

Managing the Agile Organisation
2016 – refreshed 2020

Knowledge worker Productivity
2013 – refreshed 2019

Nutrition for Cognitive Performance

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