Advanced Human Performance

We use our research surrounding human performance, to transform and enhance the performance of your knowledge workers…

Organisations are the sum of the brains employed within them. We work with you to maximise the performance of each brain and community in order to help point their energy at things that will make a positive return.

What’s clear is that to maximise the productivity of an organisation we need to work on three things concurrently: workplace infrastructure, personal life habits and communal behaviours. By having control of these aspects, we can optimise workplace performance.

We help you to create a frictionless workplace experience that places no burden on the human brain. A workplace that delivers factors we know will enhance performance. 

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates 2018: Creativity

Our research defines what habits to encourage in order to achieve an optimum output from the brains of individuals and communities. 

Bespoke Programmes

We develop and deliver programmes for clients designed to improve organisational performance. Our methods are a combination of our research, measurement tools, workplace environment sensors and gamification techniques.

Stage 1

Knowledge Workplace Productivity Workshop: We share the results of our research and discuss key tools and methodologies. 

Stage 2

Programme development: We run a series of audits, focus groups and surveys to create a current baseline against the factors we know impact on human performance. We use this data to create a refined programme.

Stage 3

Education and workplace performance enhancement programme: We deliver a programme designed to educate your workforce. The programme includes a series of events, blogs and videos to progressively increase the knowledge of human performance within the population and encourage new practices, habits and behaviours. We bring in experts in nutrition, environment, sleep, exercise and elite coaches from the sporting world to provide support for leaders and the community.  

Stage 4

Enhancing IT tool confidence: We provide adoption training to enable office workers to become confident in the use of new collaborative tools like Skype for Business, TEAMS, Slack, Facebook Workplace and Citrix. 

Interested in advancing workplace performance? Let our specialists guide your people to be the best they can be. Get in touch with an AWA workplace consultant.

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